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About Us

Buddy Tech is a tech services company that supports and guides its customers to ensure they are happy and confident using computers, tablets, phones and more!

We offer tech support, tech set ups and tech learning. The services we offer start at £40 per hour.

The Customer Journey:

Firstly to book an appointment please call on: 07454359245 or email: enquiries@buddytech.co.uk. Then one of our trained experts will come to you and try their best to resolve the issue, if for whatever reason the issue isn’t resolved then we would advise on further solutions e.g. hardware repair companies. If the solution cannot be fixed within the allotted time or further research is needed then the next appointment will be reduced.

Services and Prices

  • Computer Lessons- starting at £40 (per hour/session)
  • Tech Set-ups- £40 (per hour/session)
  • Tech Support- £40 (per hour/session)

All services normally last 1 hour if longer is needed an additional charge of £10 per 30 mins or £20 per hour is charged subject to availability. If the issue isn’t fixed then compensation can be given this will be discussed in person/over the phone on the day.

Buddy Tech Ltd