How to speed up your Computer (Windows 10)

In this training guide I’ll be helping you learn how to speed up your PC on windows 10.

Step One- Go to task manager you can find this either by searching or right click the start button and click on task manager.

Step Two- Click on start up at the top, disable any tasks which say “high” on the right hand side, to disable just click on it and press disable in the bottom right.

Step Three- Then go to services on the top bar in task manager and click on Open Services in the bottom left.

Step Four- once services is open find a service called: “Windows Search” and right click on it and press properties, from there change where it says “manual” to “disabled” and apply changes and press “okay”

Step Five- Repeat step four but find services: “Superfetch” and “App Readiness” (the list should be in alphabetical order.

Step Six- Restart the Computer and see if it has sped up the computer, you can check the speed by opening task manager and click on performance and see if “Disk” is running at 100% if it’s not then it’s as fast as it could be. However if it’s stuck on 100% then give us a call and an expert can fix it for you. You will find our contact details in the Enquires tab at the top of the website.