Troubleshooting guides

How to fix a Mac with a flashing question mark.

If when booting up your Mac you see a box with a flashing question mark inside then this means it is unable to find the start up disk and therefore unable to boot up. In this tutorial i will advise how to fix it without a hardware repair, if none of the following steps work then a hardware repair needs doing. You can give us a call and we can recommend a repair company that can help, unfortunately we cannot do a hardware fixes ourselves yet this may be something that we’ll incorporate in the future.

Step one- Turn off your computer, turn it on and press and hold Command and R until you see the Apple logo or spinning globe.

Step Two- This should boot the computer into recovery mode where you’ll see about 4 options, please select “Disk Utility”, once in there please select the disk C and click First aid which will repair the hard drive.

Step Three- If the disk repair doesn’t work then you need to back up your data if possible, if it does work then click restart and the computer should boot up fine. Once data is backed up onto an external hard drive or memory stick then please follow step 1 again to go into recovery mode.

Step Four- Once in recovery mode click on disk utility again and click on the disk and erase once the disk is erased,  select Reinstall macOS from the Utilities window and make sure you select the external disk you just erased.

Step Five- This should re-install the OS back onto your hard drive and fix the issue, this may take 30 mins to 1 hour. If you are still having issues with the Mac not booting then please give us a call and someone can either come out and help get this working or someone can advise over the phone if you have any questions. You will find out contact details in the enquiries tab at the top of the page. Thank you for reading and i hope this helps fix’s your mac.

Computer stuck in Boot loop Windows 10

In this training guide I will be advising how to fix a boot loop, a boot loop is where the computer tries to load but then fails and sometimes comes up with a black screen and a cursor. If this issue happens to you then just simply follow this guide if your still having issues then please give us a call or email. The contact details are in the enquiries tab.

Step One- Turn off your computer at the plug if its a desktop if its a laptop ensure it is turned off by pressing the power button for 30 seconds.

Step Two- Once computer is turned off, turn it back on and hold F8 until it comes up with a blue page saying “Choose an option”, then click on “Troubleshoot”.

Step Three- Once in Troubleshoot click on “Advanced options” and then click on “System Restore”. From there it should come up with a list of dates that it was last backed up just click on the date when it was last working fine. Please be advised that you will lose your data from now until the selected date.

Step Four- Then click “Next” in the bottom right and it may come up saying please select your hard drive click on the “Local Disk C” which is where your primary operating system is stored. Then click “Finish” and it will go through the process of restoring your computer, please be advised this can take 30 minutes to an hour if it takes longer than 3 hours then the computer is frozen and you may have to start again.

Step Five- If you are still stuck in a boot loop or have any other issues or questions then please give us a call and someone can come out and fix it for you or advise if it needs to be in for a hardware repair. You’ll find all the contact details in the Enquiries tab at the top of the page, Thank you for reading and hope this fixes your problem.

How to add a printer to a Macbook or Imac

Step one- Ensure the printer is turned on and connected to the internet if you are unsure how to do this then please give us a call and we can either talk you through it or come over and help.

Step Two- Once the Printer is connected to the internet and turned on, on the computer go to system preferences and type in the search bar at the top “printers and scanners” and click on it.

Step Three- When you are in the printers and scanners tab click on the “+” symbol in the bottom left and there should be a list of printers there, click on the printer your trying to connect to and press “add” it then should add the printer.

Step Four- If it is asking to select the software for the printer click on the right software if the software isn’t on there then you need to install it by going on the website of the printer manufacture and download the software, once the software is downloaded select it from the list and click add.

Step Five- Once printer is added then test it by printing a word document or picture. If you are still having problems or got any questions about any of the steps then please give me a call on: 07454359245 or email: Have a good day and I’ll talk again tomorrow.

Touchpad not working on Computer (windows 10)

If your touchpad isn’t working there are a few things you can try to get it working again.

Step one- On some makes of computers there is a button that turns the touch-pad on and off it is situated at the top of the keyboard and is usually one of the function buttons you can tell because it has a picture of a touchpad on it. If your computer doesn’t have this then disregard this step.

Step Two- Plug in a mouse to use temporarily so you can do the following steps, Then go to device manager you can locate this by either using the search icon and typing it in or right clicking on the start button on the screen and click on device manager (near the top).

Step Three- Once in device manager navigate to “Mice and other pointing devices” and double click it should then have a couple of options underneath look for something like synaptic Touch-pad or something to that affect.

Step Four- Once located right click and click on uninstall device, a box will come up asking if you want to delete device do not tick the box and press “okay” then restart the computer.

Step Five- Once the computer has been restarted then you can unplug the mouse and the touch-pad should be working. If the issue persists then give us a call and someone can come out and resolve the issue, for contact details click on the Enquiries Tab at the top.

How to speed up your Computer (Windows 10)

In this training guide I’ll be helping you learn how to speed up your PC on windows 10.

Step One- Go to task manager you can find this either by searching or right click the start button and click on task manager.

Step Two- Click on start up at the top, disable any tasks which say “high” on the right hand side, to disable just click on it and press disable in the bottom right.

Step Three- Then go to services on the top bar in task manager and click on Open Services in the bottom left.

Step Four- once services is open find a service called: “Windows Search” and right click on it and press properties, from there change where it says “manual” to “disabled” and apply changes and press “okay”

Step Five- Repeat step four but find services: “Superfetch” and “App Readiness” (the list should be in alphabetical order.

Step Six- Restart the Computer and see if it has sped up the computer, you can check the speed by opening task manager and click on performance and see if “Disk” is running at 100% if it’s not then it’s as fast as it could be. However if it’s stuck on 100% then give us a call and an expert can fix it for you. You will find our contact details in the Enquires tab at the top of the website.