Here at Buddy Tech we help and support our customers through every step of your computer journey from advising where to purchase computers to teaching you the basics of how to use your computer please see below the packages we offer to ensure you know everything you need to about your computer.

All learning packages start at £40 per hour but this price may vary depending on location.

We offer 3 main types of learning packages: Basic learning package, Email learning package and custom learning package

Basic Learning Package: £40 per hour/session

  1. We teach you how to turn on and basic understanding of the software (windows 10)
  2. We teach you basic email usage how to send and receive
  3. We teach you how to download and use apps
  4. We teach you how to search and use search engines e.g. google
  5. We teach you how to use basic software such as word, publisher or excel if required

Email Learning Package- (£40 per hour/session)

  1. how to send and receive emails
  2. how to delete and recover emails
  3. how to create, rename and delete folders
  4. how to move emails to/from different folders
  5. advise you on the best platform to see your emails e.g. outlook or mail app
  6. Answer any questions you may have regarding emails.

Custom Learning Package: (£40 per hour/session)

  1. In this learning package we will teach you how to use specific software packages, how to use apps/features and answer any and all questions you have regarding your computer.

Lessons starts at £40 for all packages, each session usually lasts an hour which should be plenty of time to learn all that you need to however if you need more time we’ll charge a further £10 for 30 mins or £20 for an hour. To book an appointment please call: 07454 359245 or email: